Movie Review: Bolt


Bolt unleashes the super dog within!

Bolt is a Walt Disney Pictures 3D Production. Directed by Chris Williams and Byron Howard and produced by Clark Spencer and John Lasseter. Both Howard and Lasseter are no strangers to Disney movies. Byron Howard was the animator for Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear. While John Lasseter has directed Cars and Toy Story 1 and 2. He also was the executive producer of Monster Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles and many others. So with such a powerhouse team behind it, Bolt is ready to take on the competition.

Bolt (John Travolta) is a super dog. His day is full of danger, excitement and adventure. He has amazing super powers like heat vision, super speed and even a super bark. Sadly Bolt doesn’t know that he is only a super dog on a TV show. So when Bolt is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood lot to New York City the real adventure begins. Bolt must find his way through a cross country journey to get to owner and co-star Penny (Miley Cyrus). Along the way he gains two unlikely companions. One being an abandoned housecat named Mittens(Susie Essman) and the other a TV obsessed hamster named Rhino(Mark Walton). Through this journey, Bolt learns that he doesn’t need super powers to be a hero.

Bolt grabs your attention from the very beginning with an action packed 10 minute chase scene. There are motorcycles, low flying helicopters, explosions and slow motion leaps. Children will be rooting for Bolt every step of the way.

The movie also offers up some big laughs. There is the sarcastic Mittens, quirky birds scattered through the film and the down right hilarious Rhino. You will have a ball laughing at this cast of characters. The casting for this movie is perfect. John Travolta is totally convincing as Bolt and teen sensation Miley Cyrus is great for Penny’s heartfelt moments.

Bolt is a really good movie for all ages. Though parents may be surprised at all the action and taken back by the dramatic fire scene, the movie still delivers some family fun. Children will be drawn to how cute the characters are and thanks to the amazing 3D effects, they will feel they are along for the adventure. So if you looking for an action/comedy for the whole family, Bolt is just the movie to see.

  1. Emily says

    Wasn’t it funny! Gotta love Disney (:

  2. Tempestt says

    It was funny and the 3D effects was an added bonus! 🙂

  3. Shooting Stars Mag says

    I’ve never seen a 3D movie..that would be cool. This does look good though. I think the hamster sounded hilarious on the previews. I want to see it!!
    Great review,


  4. Tempestt says

    You should go see it! The hamster was hilarious and I just love that it was in 3D! 🙂

  5. pepsivanilla says

    Glad to hear that you liked it, it looks so funny 🙂

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