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Review: Sanyo SCP-2700 for Sprint

Sanyo SCP-2700

Product Features:
* Service Provider: Sprint
* Two color options: Deep Blue and Impulsive Pink
* Screen Size: 2.2 inches
* Screen Details: 320×240, 65k-color TFT LCD display
* Network Compatibility: CDMA
* Minimum Rated Talk Time: 180 minutes
* Minimum Rated Standby Time: 168 hours
* Camera: Yes
* Megapixels: 1.3 MP
* Bluetooth: Yes
* Web Browser: Yes
* Battery Type: Lithium Ion

* Size (LWH): 4.3 inches, 2.4 inches, 0.6 inches
* Weight: 3.51499118165785 ounces

What’s in the Box:
-battery door
-quick start guide

Product Features:
* Messaging phone with full QWERTY keyboard, dedicated text and emotion softkeys
* GPS turn-by-turn directions via Sprint Navigation; access to social networking sites as well as both personal and corporate email
* 1.3-megapixel camera for still photos; Bluetooth for handsfree devices; speakerphone; voice dialing; voice memo recording
* Up to 4.8 hours of talk time

The Sanyo SCP-2700 is a basic phone equipped with a full Qwerty keyboard. The keyboard is rather tiny thus making this phone ideal for women, young women in particular. I even found myself having to backspace a lot in the beginning. The longer I used the phone I began to get used to the tiny keys and using the tip of my finger. Practice does make perfect!

Texting on this phone is very easy thanks to the dedicated text key. You have one touch access to texting. You press that then either choose someone in your contacts or select “New Address” and enter either that person’s phone number or email address. Now you are ready to text away! There is even a dedicated emotion key so you can let the smileys do the talking! The text messages are threaded so you can see the full conversation for each contact. Which should eliminate the chances of sending someone the wrong text message!

The email feature is very cool and also very easy to use. You can check both personal and corporate email. From AOL, AIM, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, it is all there at your fingertips.

This phone does feature a camera (1.3 megapixels). While using the camera, I recommended that get close to your object and have great lighting for it to come out. Being close and having great lighting makes a great shot!

Overall, I think this is a very sleek and stylish phone. Something someone that wants a cute, basic phone with good call quality and a full Qwerty keyboard would love. Plus at $29.99 with a 2 year Sprint contract, you can’t go wrong!

For more information and/or to buy the Sanyo SCP-2700, visit Sprint’s website at or visit Sanyo’s website at

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Written by Tempestt Patterson

Tempestt Patterson enjoys and writes about entertainment, music, movies, television, technology, products, New York events and more. She also loves photography.


  1. heyyyyyyyy,,,,,, yall i am bout to get this new pink sacp-2700 by sanyo and i just wanted to say that that phone iz so cool a nd that way i am goona get it sooon!!!

  2. I saw this phone in a sprint add. and after reading review after review after review…( well you get my point) i decided to get the phone even though it has pointed out flaws, and no video, the pros out weigh the cons. i bought the phone and are uber exicted :D. i am geeting it in the mail on wednesday :))) uber-duber exicted!!!

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