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America’s Greatest Makers is an unscripted reality TV show presented by Intel and TBS. The show documents inventors competing to make the next breakthrough in technology. The 24 maker teams from across the U.S compete for the grand prize of 1 million dollars.
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I had the pleasure of viewing the first episode titled “Episode 1: Opening Pitches, Part 1.” In this episode, the judges are presented with the best pitches submitted through a casting process. The pitches were presented with hopes of making it into the “Make or Break” round.
The rounds are judged by three expert judges and a different guest judge each week. The reoccurring judges are Chief Executive Officer of Intel Brian Krzanich, TV personality/producer/entrepreneur Kevin Pereira and TV personality/bestselling author/investor Carol Roth. The first week’s guest judge was retired professional basketball player Kenny Smith.
Some of the innovative inventions shown was an invention to get kids excited about brushing their teeth, a pet lost prevention system, fashion technology kits inspiring girls interest in technology, an arm band tracking medical data and so much more. 
Unfortunately, every team of makers doesn’t make it into the “Make or Break” round. You’ll have to watch the premiere on Tuesday April 5 at 9/8c on TBS to see what groundbreaking technology is showcased and watch this season to see which team is crowned “America’s Greatest Makers.”
This show is perfect for fans of Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank. Witnessing the inventors pitch and perfect their products is enjoyable to watch for everyone especially technology fanatics. 

Here is a preview of America’s Greatest Makers:

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  1. Terry Poage says

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    Despite it being almost a month past the first episode, I've never heard of this show! It sounds very interesting and a good family show to watch!

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    I never heard of this tv show before. I don't watch (much) reality tv so that's probably why. I will check it out! 🙂

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    I hadn't heard of this show. Sounds good I'll watch it.

  5. jean602 says

    I hadn't heard of this show. Sounds good I'll watch it.

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    Does this show air in Canada? If so when and on what channel??

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    This looks like such a great show! I love these types of shows. It's nice to watch competition in a decent manner!

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    What a great way to get your invention/idea out to the public. Super idea!

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    I have not heard of this program, I don't watch much TV or reality shows, looks interesting, though.

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