The winners in the Life After People Prize Pack Giveaway


For the Life After People Prize Pack Giveaway I asked this question:

Since this series is all about our environment, I would like to know what you are doing to make this world a more cleaner and greener place?

So here are the two people that won and their answers:

Katie: To make our world greener, we shop with reusable grocery bags and recycle!


Lisa: We (my hubby and i) are responsible for the recycling for our apartment building, and we have also started turning off everything when we leave – like the computer, power strips, etc. That’s been a bit more of a challenge, but we’re doing pretty well so far!

You are my winners in the “Life After People Prize Pack Giveaway!”

Thank you to everyone who entered.
Be sure to watch “Life After People: The Series” Tuesdays at 10/9C on the History Channel.

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