Book Blitz: Harley by Michelle Jo Quinn + Kindle Fire Giveaway

Michelle Jo Quinn
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: January 19th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

All of her life, Cadence “Cade” Williams has been lied to…
With her ailing father on his deathbed, a whispered secret sends Cadence’s life into a tailspin. Determined to either confirm or debunk her father’s claim, she sets out on a mission to grow close to the only man with evidence to set things straight. To do that, Cadence earns a position in an elite security firm owned by her father’s old army buddy, Noah “Mac” Mackinley.
Mac is the only man who could hold the evidence to support her father’s claims…
But first, she must prove herself worthy of Mac’s trust and get close enough to find the truth. Her first mission is to watch over an eight-year old girl, Harley Clark.
Harley is not an ordinary girl. She’s the daughter of a rock star…
Despite her fragile appearance, Harley has tenacity and brilliance like nothing Cade has ever seen. To everyone’s surprise—including her own—Cade forms an unlikely friendship with the beautiful wallflower.
Her first assignment just became more interesting…
When Harley’s rock star father, Jax Clark, enters the scene, Cade can’t deny the instant attraction for the self-proclaimed bad boy. Tattoos, piercing eyes, and a raspy voice that sends thousands of fans into a screaming frenzy, he’s more than just a heartthrob. Worse, Jax starts to pay her more attention than she expects.
She’s faced with a choice—get lured in by the celebrity world and lose any chance of finding out the truth, or stick to the plan and avoid Jax at all costs to earn Mac’s trust.

Author Bio:
Michelle ‘s love for writing blossomed when her father gave her a diary. However, instead of recounting her daily life, she wrote stories of fictional people. Like most of her characters, she believes in Happily Ever After. Naturally, she finds harmony in writing romance.
An unabashed, self-proclaimed foodie, Michelle loves to try new food whenever she travels. She once had triple crème Brie and duck rillette for lunch on top of Grouse Mountain. She enjoys watching foreign films and reading a good book by the fireside.
Michelle is an active member of RWA and several of its chapters. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids.

Blitz-wide Giveaway:
The blitz-wide giveaway gives you the chance to win a Kindle Fire Tablet (US & CAN) and 2 ebooks of Harley (INTL). This giveaway ends on Thursday January 28.

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  • Steph Bkn

    An awesome giveaway, fingers crossed here, thanks for the chance!

  • beth

    Sounds like a great book. Will look for it to download.

  • Tiffany Weikel

    Great giveaway. This sounds like a good book to read.

  • Anonymous

    Bailey dexter Can't wait to read, sounds like a great book to curl up in a chair with with a cup of tea!

  • steve weber

    Looks like quite the page turner..thanks for the chance.

  • ouzel

    Not normally the type of book I'd read, but hey, I'll give any book a chance. 🙂

  • BethElderton

    This looks like a fin read!
    Mary Beth Elderton

  • Karla S

    Sounds great,thanks for the chance!

  • Jordan Alice

    super rad thing you're doing… thank you 🙂

  • elizamatt

    I'd love to read this, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love the cover! Very generous prize!

  • Leslie Crosbie

    I love to read, it is definately my favorite way to relax!! I feel that people who dont read are missing out on amazing adventures and knowledge!

  • ryazmom

    fingers crossed here, thanks for the chance!

  • Angie Fiack

    Looks like a great read! Can't wait!

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    This sounds like a real page turner! Looking forward to it!

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    This sounds like a great book. HollyW

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    I love finding new, good authors to read!

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    I can't wait to read !

  • Mystic Misha

    I would love to read my fave series on a Kindle Fire.

  • nina bergeron

    What a great giveaway, thank you for the chance to win!