Product Review: Camera Roll by Endless Games

Camera Roll by Endless Games
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Product: Camera Roll
Manufacturer: Endless Games
Age Requirement: 12 and up
Players: 3 or more
  • 288 Camera Roll Category Cards 
  • One 30-second timer (2 AAA batteries not included) 
  • Score Card
  • Dry-Erase Marker 
  • Instructions
Camera Roll is a photography filled game created by the great game makers at Endless Games. This game is for 3 or more players which makes it a perfect party game. In Camera Roll, you use your photo library to locate photos that fit the description on category cards to win rounds.
To play, it requires that you have access to a cell phone, tablet, laptop, camera or other electronic device. You can also use your photo albums while playing this game. Before the game begins, players determine how many rounds will be played. A round ends after each player has the opportunity to be the “Judge.”
Being the “Judge” in this game requires you to select and announce the new category, start the timer and decide who gets awarded points for the first and best photo. Everyone playing gets a chance to be the judge but being the judge means that you do not get to play during that category. This role rotates after a category is finished.
Camera Roll by Endless Games
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A round starts with the judge selecting a card from the deck, reading the category aloud and starting the 30 second timer as players race to find their photo before the timer runs out. The player with the most points at the end of each round wins. There are three ways to score points; finding the appropriate picture within 30 seconds, being the first player to find the appropriate picture or for having the best photo that fits the category.
Camera Roll is a photography game in which you don’t need pro photography to play so all spontaneous photo captures apply. Actually once you start playing and using the category cards, you’ll finally get some use out of those random photos you’ve taken. Some of the category cards are direct like “Sunset,” “Street Sign” or “Steak” while others allow you to get creative like “Something Red,” “That’s Embarrassing” or “This Makes Me Laugh.” The more creative categories are entertaining because that’s when everyone gets competitive in trying to convince the judge their photo is the best.
Camera Roll by Endless Games allows you to play with your photos for countless hours of unpredictable fun. There’s many laughs and memories to be shared and made while playing Camera Roll. For more information or to purchase Camera Roll, visit
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