Top In Toys For Holiday 09!

The holidays are here!
Looking for Christmas toys?
With so many to choose from, below are a few that will make you look no further.

From dolls to playsets to arts & crafts, here is a great selection of holiday toys:

Liv dolls (Spin Master)

Liv Dolls come with a detailed outfit, a long wig and a short wig. They are posable and have ‘real’ eyes. The dolls include Katie, a skateboarder, Alexis, who wants to launch her own fashion line, Sophie, who dreams to be a celebrity stylist, and Daniela, who DJs and sings. Every doll comes with a unique code that allows girls to enter the Liv world online. Once online you can learn more about each Liv doll and play with the Liv doll’s virtual closet.

Paperoni (Spin Master)

Paperoni is an arts-and-crafts project. Avaliable are self-adhesive molds and templates, and Paperoni paper pieces and rods of various sizes. To unleash your full Paperoni creativity, I suggest getting the the Paperoni Deluxe Studio. It comes with one Paperoni cutter studio, 600 short Paperoni pieces, 32 long Paperoni rods, one two-dimensional mouse template, one three-dimensional lion mold, one two-dimensional free-form template, one tweezers, eight gems, assorted embellishments, and instructions. You will be amazed at all the cool, fun and easy Paperoni 3-D creations you have made!

Streetz City Pursuit (Mega Brand)

Jump the bridge, crash into the police station, smash through the bank, drift the corner, jump the bank – you are in control, you rule the streetz!

With the new LED R/C Technology you can activate the Police Van (Mobile Command) with the Chopper (Sky Watch) to chase down the bad guys. Set includes two stunt action vehicles (Black Widow & Amped Up), a motorized, light f/x Police Van (Mobile Command) and a motorized rotor-blade and light up Chopper (Sky Watch). In addition to multiple ramps and speed booster that allows for independent fast movement of the vehicles included.

Get ready to hit the Streetz fast and furious!

Halo Wars – Aerial Ambush buildable play set (Mega Brand)

This authentic 376-piece buildable playset modeled after Microsoft Game Studios’ exciting game, Halo Wars, is where you can build and recreate epic strategic battles. Includes UNSC Hawk and Covenant Banshee combat vehicles, special building blocks with new camouflage effect and 4 miniature action figures (1UNSC Flame Marine, 1 UNSC Spartan, 1 Covenant Elite, 1 Covenant Grunt) with weapons. Are you ready for battle?

Ni-Hao Kai-Lan – Buildable Room (Mega Brand)

Recreate your own fun Ni Hao, Kai-lan world with this Buildable Bedroom. Includes 48 pieces, Kai-lan, Tolee and Hoho figurines, an easel and bedroom furniture with lots of decorated building blocks and colorful parts to build walls, windows and more! There are endless ways to play with this play set!


Those amazing fun flexible building sticks! You can draw, build, transform, and decorate with Bendaroos. No glue, no stains, no mess and you can unbend to use again and again!! Create your favorite animals and more! I suggest getting the Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega Kit, includes 250 rainbow colored Bendaroos, 250 neon colored Bendaroos and the Bendaroos fun guide. Fun, safe and easy to use, kids can be a little artist with Benda-what-benda-who Bendaroos!!!!!

100 Really Dumb You Have to Do While Playing This Game (Patch Products)

In 100 Really Dumb Things, players will really find themselves doing numerous dumb things. Players might draw cards that tell them to salute the nearest wall, do the Chicken Dance around the room, or bark like a dog. Other cards set off chain reactions among players. Which makes one dumb thing leads to another. There are even 4 fun props to add to the craziness. 100 Really Dumb Things is a laugh-out loud family game.

Pass The Pup (Patch Products)

Are you ready to “Pass The Pup”?

Pass The Pup is a game is kind of like hot potato. Press on the puppy’s belly, and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” starts playing for a random length of time. When the music stops, you don’t want to be the one holding the pup. If you are the one holding the pup when the music ends, you have to pick a card and do the action on the card, which will be something dog-related like barking, rolling over, etc. The person with the least number of cards at the end wins. For kids ages 3 and up, and for 2 or more players.

Scene It? Twilight (Screenlife Games)

Do you know everything about Twilight? Well, get ready for the ultimate Twilight trivia experience! Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition includes hundreds of clips, trivia questions and on-screen puzzles from the movie. It also features several bonus activities that allow you to extend your experience outside of the regular gameplay! Like bonus activities such as What Cullen are You? and How to Throw a Scene It? Twilight Party. Even your play tokens are modeled after some of Twilight’s most iconic items: Charlie’s house, a baseball, Bella’s truck, and Edward’s piano. Including the four collectible metal tokens, 100 trivia cards and 30 Fate cards. This is a fun DVD/board game, made especially for all Twilight fans!

Scene It? The Simpsons (Screenlife Games)

Test your knowledge of Simpsons trivia with The Simpsons Scene It? Deluxe Edition. This DVD/trivia game celebrates the Simpsons’ 20th anniversary, and features material from the show’s first 20 seasons. Loaded with clips, on-screen puzzles and trivia. Your four collectible tokens are the family TV, the Springfield power plant, the three-eyed fish, and a slushie cup. Includes the four collectible metal tokens, 175 trivia cards and 16 Buzz cards. So get ready to show what you know about Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the rest of Springfield.

Snoopy Plushies

Snoopy may have changed a lot over the years since Charles Schulz first introduced him on October 4, 1950, but he forever remains the world’s favorite beagle. Now you can remember him from the beginning by collecting five different Snoopys looking just as he did in each of the five decades Schulz drew him. Special commemorative hangtags offer a comic strip from the decade, as well as the highlights of the strip’s events in that deWcade. Be sure to still get the newest addition, the 2009 Snoopy Plush! Have fun celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Peanuts!

So, what toys are you getting this holiday?

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