Expedition Africa Prize Pack Giveaway


HISTORY™ presents the television event of the summer: EXPEDITION AFRICA: STANLEY & LIVINGSTON.

Watch the series premiere May 31 at 10pm/9c. Twenty miles off the coast of eastern Africa, four modern-day explorers are sailing toward the unknown, the deep interior of Tanzania. They’ll travel over 900 miles through African terrain that is as stunning as it is fraught with danger. Using only a compass and basic maps, they will attempt to recapture the spirit of one of the world’s most remarkable adventures—journalist Henry Morton Stanley’s perilous 1871 journey to find Dr. David Livingstone. Their historic exploration has been captured by one of the premiere storytellers of our time, Mark Burnett. This is not a competition or a game. It’s a real-life adventure. Join other fans on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/History, follow History on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/History_Daily, and visit the official site http://www.history.com/expedition.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Expedition Africa:



In celebration of the premiere of Expedition Africa, I am having a Expedition Africa Prize Pack Giveaway!

One lucky reader of my blogs will receive a prize pack that includes:

-History Channel Laptop Backpack
-Expedition Branded 35mm Disposable Camera & Photo Album

-Trek Kit including Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Swiss Army Knife & more

To Be Entered:
– Follow this blog
-Leave your real first name, blog alias, valid email address, and the answer to this question-
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Open to the U.S. only!

Extra Entries:
(You can earn up to 3 Extra Entries!)
-If you are a follower of my other blog: temppatt (please tell me that you are)
-Mention this giveaway on your blog/site and send me the link
-Leave a comment on another post I’ve made on this site and send me the link

The contest will end Thursday June 11!
The winner will be announced Friday June 12!

Good Luck!

  1. DSinAZ says

    I have always wanted to visit Ireland.
    I am following: DSinAZ
    Diane hazelfied at gmail dot com

  2. cdziuba says

    I follow!
    Carol Blog alias cdziuba

    I would go to Kauai.


  3. peg42 says

    I would love to go to Bermuda.
    I’m a follower.


  4. DARLA KIDDER says

    I would like to go to Waikiki.
    Darla LUCKYLADY45 luckylady4163@yahoo.com

  5. Fangirl Jen says

    I dream of going to Italy.

    Fangirl Jen

    kipjen at comcast dot net

  6. Fangirl Jen says

    I follow your other blog too.

  7. sillelin says

    I would go to Acapulco again.


  8. tawnda says

    Tawnda for both…
    I would like to go to Australia

  9. tawnda says

    I follow both

  10. taterbug says

    I follow your blog.
    Cathy (taterbug)

    I’d go to the Galapagos Islands to see all the wildlife.

    cathyandharold at gmail dot com

  11. taterbug says

    I am a follower of your other blog (temppatt) too.

    Cathy (taterbug)

    cathyandharold at gmail dot com

  12. Luigi D says

    I would want to go to Iceland.
    That place looks so unique.
    nwoluigi at aol dot com

  13. Tina12312 says

    If I could go anywhere, I would pick Hawaii or Australia, two places that are just far away and expensive enough, that I can’t imagine going, but both would be lovely. Thank you so much!

  14. Tina12312 says

    I’m following your blog.

  15. rayreadb says

    Bob my blog alias B.W. If I could go anywhere I would visit France.

  16. Charity says


    It has to be London! That’s my dream destination.


    charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

  17. maweisberg says

    i want to win

  18. mogrill says

    I would love to see the Turtles and lizards in the Galapagos. Thanks for the chance.

  19. singermagic1 says

    I Have always wanted to see the Turtles and lizards in the Galapagos, I also want to go to New Zealand

  20. mail4rosey says

    I follow. If I could go anywhere, I’d take a two-week trip to Egypt.

  21. mmentor says

    sign me up

  22. Marianna says

    I’d LOVE to go to Italy! I follow you!

  23. samsakara says

    I would love to go to Japan! I follow

    Shilo Beedy

  24. Vic Lu says

    I would want to go to Austrailia


  25. Janice Wright says

    I would love to go on an Alaskan cruiese.

    jwright (at) iowatelecom (dot) net

  26. chromiumman says

    chromiumman (at) mail (dot) com
    paris, france

  27. Smooshy says


  28. Miranda says

    Momma Is Sweeping
    I want to Italy

  29. Punky says

    piccolaamadea [at] gmail [dot]com
    I really want to go to Sri Lanka

  30. Mia J. says

    I would like to go to australia.

  31. Annette Doggett says

    If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to the U.K. and go an a “Beatles tour”. I am a huge Beatles fan and would love to walk across Abbey Road and go to Liverpool and see the Beatles Museum.

  32. Missy says

    I would love to go to Australia!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  33. Dominique says

    I'd love to go to Australia too! 😀 please count me in for this great giveaway!

    I'm a follower of your other blog too 🙂


  34. kngmckellar says

    I would go to Italy! Thanks for the entry!
    I’m a follower.

  35. deedleweedle says

    I will say Australia.

  36. janetfaye says

    I follow.

    I would go to Hawaii.


    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. skooterbear says

    Well this would be great for my 13 yr old, he's has to take one 2 school every day because he'd needs it to do his class room work, because of hand injury to his writting hand, and it would be well worth it 2 us to have one, I'd didn't have the extra money 2 spend on one 4 him, thanks signe me up.

  38. Jessilyn82 says

    I would go to Rome, Italy..I have family there I've never met and it would be interesting to see my history

  39. Jessilyn82 says

    I follow on Blogger

  40. idahodad7 says


  41. JamesRKane says

    My name is James, My alias is Eclecticos, Eclecticos@rocketmail.com if could go anywhere it would be to FiJi.

  42. Vincent says

    I love skiing in California.

  43. heaventrees says

    I'd go to the British Isles, a complete tour.

  44. Ken says

    I'm a stay-at-home. The Army took care of all traces of wunderlust I had. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  45. Mrs. Lindner says

    I would love to go to Italy!!

  46. ky2here says

    We've always dreamed of Prague.

  47. Anonymous says

    my name is james sheffield
    my email is j.sheffield@ymail.com
    i would like to go to Egipt

  48. victoria says

    i would go to africa


    victoria howard

  49. Jean Ammon says

    I would like to go to Amsterdamn because my Fiancee always wanted to go sadly he got killed in a motorcycle accident in temecula Aug. 30th 2008. So i'd love to go and be able to tell him all about it when i get to heaven to spend eternity with him one day. I'd also like to take a few of his ashes over to amsterdamn and let them blow in the wind so then he'd be there too. (RIP Greg Scott)

    I follow you on twitter too!

    Stephanie Saner

  50. erma says

    I would go to England.

  51. darlanpaulsmamma says

    I would go to Germany and research my ancestors
    melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

  52. lezanac says

    Lisa Taylor lezanac lezanac@yahoo.com I would go to the Bahamas

  53. unPC says

    I follow this blog!


    I would go to the Galapagos Islands to visit Lonely George!

  54. Micheleb says

    I would go to Hawaii.
    I'm a follower.


  55. Micheleb says

    I am a follower of your other blog temppatt

  56. Pam says

    I follow!!!

    Pamela S

    If I could go anywhere, I'd probably go to Australia. I hear it's beautiful and has excellent scuba diving.



  57. Shelly says

    I follow – Shelly
    Easter Island fascinates me

    michelejdaley at gmail dot com

  58. Shelly says

    follow temppatt – Shelly

  59. MAC Mom says

    I follow your blog

    I would go to Rome!

    Jessica K
    mac mom

  60. MAC Mom says

    I follow your other blog.

    Mac Mom
    Jessica K.

  61. k-team says

    I am following! I would love to go to Tokyo and visit the Disney parks there, too. k-team@comcast(dot)net Thanks! Julie K.

  62. Christine says

    I've always wanted to visit Europe. I really want to see Japan too.

    I'm a follower.

    Christine W.

  63. Christine says

    I follow temppatt as well.

  64. A Reader says

    Follower (liane66)


    U would go to Austraila.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. AICORP says

    I'd take a nice Antarctic cruise

  66. Angela says

    I would go to Thailand!

  67. Couture Lady says

    Anywhere but home!
    The Galapagos would be on my top places to visit.
    My blog alias is Couture Lady
    Janice B.

  68. Couture Lady says

    I follow Temppatt.
    Couture Lady

  69. liliesrnice says

    I would go to Barcelona Spain.

  70. Jinxy and Me says

    I'm a follower. I would love to go to New Zealand.

  71. Gianna says

    Mount Rushmore 🙂

  72. heatherzilla says

    First name: Heather
    Blog name: heatherzilla
    email: heatherzilla(at)care2(dot)com
    I would go to Scotland.
    I follow your blog.

  73. Anonymous says

    Sitting – right there on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

  74. rbailey1958 says

    I want to go to Florida to go to Disney World
    1st Name: Randy
    Blog Name: rbailey1958
    Email: pkbailey@charter.net

  75. Noggy says

    I've always wanted to go Africa on a week-long photographic safari like those you might see on National Geographic. I started talking about going to Africa when I was only 4 years old so this has been a lifelong dream of mine.
    1st name: Marie
    Blog Name: Marie Noguerole (no alias, but spammers will die a cruel and unusual death)
    Email: noggysnotes[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Follower on Blogger

  76. yomomma says

    I've always wanted to visit Ireland
    I follow: yomomma2
    First Name: Phyllis
    dr.sr.zwen at gmail dot com

  77. Katie says

    I'm a follower..

    and if I could go anywhere I think I would go to the Whitsunday islands in australia!

    weezandkoto at gmail dot com

  78. Deadmonkeys90 says

    Brittany Rebello
    I would go to Brittany, France.

  79. Nanette says

    I would love to go back to London, England.

  80. Taylor says

    Aurelia Casson

    Would like to go to Queanbeyan Australia

  81. purplepassion126 says

    I would love to go to anywhere in Italy or to Ibiza.

  82. purplepassion126 says

    I am a follower

  83. kathy pease says

    following your blog as klp1965
    kathy pease

    if i could go anywhere i would go to australia i hear it is so beautiful there 🙂

  84. kathy pease says

    following your other blog as klp1965
    kathy pease

  85. NesieBird says

    My ideal location is Florence, Italy, among many, many others. kneecree at gmail dot com

  86. slehan says

    follow blog as slehan.
    I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. Thanks for the contest.
    slehan AT juno DOT com

  87. Stanza Rae says

    Stanza Rae

    My dream vacation would be to the Galapagos Islands.

  88. dvice says

    I would go to New Zealand

  89. Maja says

    Sahara, again.

  90. Maja says


  91. theolotto says

    I would go to hawaii.


  92. JudyZ says

    I want to go on a cruise of the Greek Islands.

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