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Take your gaming sessions from 0-100 with QubicGames and All iN! Games

Whether you enjoy chill out games or fast paced gameplay on your Nintendo Switch, QubicGames and All iN! Games has the perfect fit for any mood.

Here are an awesome variety of Nintendo Switch games from video game publishers QubicGames and All iN! Games that range from relaxing to intense! The games are on a 0-100 scale with 0 being calm and cozy and steadily increasing to 100 being fast action and quick thinking.

0-20Tiny Lands – QubicGames

Tiny Lands takes the concept of traditional “Find the Difference” and puts it in various beautiful 3D environments. I love that there is no time limits and as you play you hear calming sounds that matches that puzzles environment.

20-40Puzzle Book – QubicGames

Puzzle Book is challenging yet relaxing. The relaxing music paired with the beautiful puzzles make this a puzzle paradise. It’s so awesome that you can adjust the amount of pieces you play with and can even play with a friend.

40-60Tools Up! – All iN! Games

Tools Up! is such a fun time management game. You have to paint, put up wallpaper, rugs and more as quickly as possible. The game gets intense when you have to check the blueprint and meet the deliverymen with must have supplies at random times through the level. It’s so cool finding ways to balance the renovations and good teamwork while on a time crunch. Tools Up! is a fast paced time management game that’s awesome to play solo or with friends.

60-80Om Nom: Run – QubicGames

Om Nom: Run is an endless runner game. The three gameplay modes and multiplayer mode makes this game truly replayable. I can run and bypass obstacles for hours. The numerous cool characters and outfits paired with the eye catching locations makes you not want to blink and miss a second.

80-100Akane – QubicGames

Akane contains a lot of fast-paced action. Your enemies can be taken down in one hit from your sword or gun but you can be taken out the same way. I love that strategy plays a major role in this game. From when to use your katana or your gun to making sure to build up the special meter for a special move. It’s so fun accomplishing tasks in the game to unlock new guns, swords, shoes and more.

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