Track your reading time with the Mark-My-Time digital bookmark!

The Mark-My-Time digital bookmark has helped thousands of students accurately monitor their required reading times. As a result, it has become a frequently used reading tool both in the home and in schools across the country. In addition to a traditional countdown timer and cumulative timer, the new and improved Mark-My-Time digital bookmark also features a special 60-second countdown which is ideal for fluency testing. So students, as well as their teachers and parents, can not only tell how long they’ve been reading, but also how quickly.

The Mark-My-Time digital bookmark is so convenient and easy to use. Simply push a button to set the timer for either a countdown or cumulative mode. With the countdown timer, students know, at a glance, how much time is remaining in their reading session. The cumulative timer is ideal for multiple reading sessions or when students need to know, collectively, how much they’re read in a day or even a week.

It comes in fun colors; new to the product offering are yellow, red and fuchsia bookmarks, which complete the original selection of neon green, blue and purple.

Sized like a traditional bookmark to fit neatly between the pages of any book, the Mark-My-Time digital bookmark is made of polyethylene plastic for added durability. At the top is a digital clock that’s powered by an inexpensive, replaceable watch battery.

The Mark-My-Time digital bookmark is ideal for timing reading sessions, timed math activities and homework study sessions. For children five years and older. The Mark-My-Time digital bookmark is available nationwide at an average retail price of $8.95.

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