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Concert Review: Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary Concert at Barclays Center

Rick Ross performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary
– Tempestt Patterson/

On Thursday night, hip-hop fans packed Barclays Center
to celebrate all 30 years of Def Jam’s influence on hip-hop music and
culture. With a lineup full of hip-hop heavyweights, concertgoers was
ready to experience something historic.

The show started off with West Coast rapper Warren G getting the crowd to wave their hands in air during his hit “Regulate.”

Next taking the stage was Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr and
Sonny Seeza of the New York rap group Onyx. Their hardcore set included
hits “Throw Ya Gunz” and “Bacdafucup.” Their energy filled set closed
with their hit “Slam.”

Foxy Brown performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary
– Tempestt Patterson/

Brooklyn’s own rapper Foxy Brown kicked off her set with her hit
“B.K. Anthem” before performing her verses from hits like “Touch Me
Tease Me” and “Ain’t No N*gga.” The setlist also included hits like “I
Can’t,” “Stylin” and “Get Me Home.” She closed her highly anticipated
set by being joined onstage by Spragga Benz for the hit “Oh Yeah.”

New York rap duo Method Man & Redman started with the hit
“Errbody Scream” before performing solo hits like Method Man’s
“M.E.T.H.O.D Man” and Redman’s “Tonight’s da Night.” They closed their
amped set with their hits “Y. O. U” and “Da Rockwilder.”

Next taking the stage was New York rappers Erick Sermon and Parrish
Smith known as EPMD. They started their set off with “It’s My Thing”
before treating concertgoers to a freestyle. EPMD closed with their hits
“So Wat Cha Sayin” and “You Gots to Chill.”

Fabolous performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary
– Tempestt Patterson/

New York rapper Ja Rule kicked his set off with “I’m Real” and “Holla
Holla.” “Between Me And You” and “Put It On Me” were performed with the
females in audience filling for the songs female vocals. Ja Rule’s set
closed with his hits “Livin It Up,” “Clap Back “and a New Yorkers anthem
“New York.”

Ashanti joined Ja Rule onstage for the performance of their duet hits “Mesmerize” and “Always On Time.”

Ashanti stayed on stage for her solo set. She started her set dancing
to the hit “Only U” before performing “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) and
“Baby.” Ashanti lady anthems “Happy,” “Rain On Me” and “Foolish” closed
her soulful set.

2 Chainz performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary
– Tempestt Patterson/

Originally not on lineup, the crowd was treated with a set from
Detroit rapper Big Sean. He hit the stage with intense lights for his
verse from “Clique” and latest single “I Don’t F*ck With You.” He closed
his set with his verse from hits “I Don’t Like” and “All Me.”

Brooklyn’s own Fabolous kicked off with his verse on Bobby Shmurda’s
“Hot N*gga Remix” before performing hits like “Cuffin Season,” “Breathe”
and “Make Me Better.” He then performed “Thim Slick” from the ‘Soul
Tape 3′ mixtape. Fabolous closed his set with Brooklyn rocking along to
his hits “Throw It In The Bag” and “You Be Kill’em.”

Up next rapper 2 Chainz hit the stage with his verses from hits like
“All Me,” “Bands A Make Her Dance” and “Cut Her Off.” He continued his
set with “I Luv Dem Strippers” before performing “Freebase” from the
free EP released earlier this year of the same name. 2 Chainz kept the
crowd turnt up performing “Where You Been,” “Birthday Song,” “I’m
Different” and closed with the hit “No Lie.”

DMX performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary
– Tempestt Patterson/

The lights were off as producer Swizz Beatz announced Ruff Ryder rapper DMX.
DMX then appeared through the shadows to a huge crowd reaction. The
lights returned as he performed the hit “Ruff Ryder Anthem.” He
continued his energy and hit filled set with “Get It On The Floor,”
“Where The Hood At” and “X Gon’ Give It To Ya.” DMX performed “Party Up
(Up In Here)” before closing his set with a prayer. With a stage
presence unmatched, X definitely left his mark.

Last to take the stage was the ‘Bawse’ rapper Rick Ross.
He hit the stage wearing a fur coat with the hood pulled down so that
only his iconic beard could be seen. His set kicked off with the hit
“B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) before performing his verse from “F*ck With
Me You Know I Got It.” Rick Ross continued with hits like “Hustlin” and
“I’m a Boss.” He was then joined onstage by rapper French Montana and
some ladies for a money throwing performance of French Montana’s hit
“Pop That.” Next Rick Ross performed his latest singles “Keep Doin’ That
(Rich B*tch) and “Elvis Presley Blvd” from his upcoming album ‘Hood
Billionaire.’ Rick Ross let MMG rapper Stalley hit the stage to perform
his latest single “One More Shot” from his upcoming album ‘Ohio.’ Rick
Ross and French Montana performed “Stay Schemin” before Rick Ross rapped
the hit “I’m Not A Star” with a stack of money in hand. He closed his
set like only a ‘Bawse’ would by throwing the stack of money across the
stage as he rerapped some of his new single “Elvis Presley Blvd.”

Def Jam 30th Anniversary Concert was a concert for hip-hop fans of all
ages. Whether you were a longtime fan of these artists or just a hip-hop
fan in general. You can’t help but appreciate the history of hip-hop
and acknowledge the legacy that is Def Jam Recordings.

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This is a live review of Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary Concert from October 16, 2014 at 8 p.m. at Barclays Center. I received free tickets to attend and review this event but I was not compensated for this post. Reviews are based on personal opinion and not influenced in any way.

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