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TV Show Review: Final Space

'Final Space' Gary and Mooncake
'Final Space' Gary and Mooncake
Gary and Mooncake – Photo Credit: TBS

”Final Space” is a new adult animated sci-fi comedy series from creator Olan Rogers. “Final Space” began as a short film titled “written by Rogers. It caught the attention of Conan O’ Brien, who now serves as an executive producer alongside Rogers.

”Final Space” follows an adventurous astronaut named Gary Space and his cute planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake as they journey through space to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends, and if it actually does exist. Unfortunately, the evil Lord Commander is on their trail and seeks to get his hands on Mooncake’s awesome power.

The season premiere will be a double episode premiere. In the double episode premiere, you’ll meet Gary (voiced by Olan Rogers) and find out why he’s in jail aboard the Galaxy One spaceship. The Galaxy One’s artificial intelligence is named Hue (voiced by Tom Kenny) and provides smart comments as well as smart alternatives to Gary’s risk-taking nature. His prison sentence aboard the spaceship gets less lonely when he finds a cute green blob that he names Mooncake (also voiced by Olan Rogers.) When bounty hunters come aboard to get Mooncake, Gary vows to keep him safe. What Gary doesn’t know is that Mooncake is also a planet destroyer and is wanted by the wicked Lord Commander (voiced by David Tennant.)

Final Space TBS Cast
Gary, Quinn, Avocato and Mooncake – Photo Credit: TBS

”Final Space” provides a great amount laughs, visually appealing and gifted voice talent. Olan Rogers, Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun and Coty Galloway all provide voiceovers. You can’t help but like the relationship between Gary and Mooncake and will want a Mooncake of your own. TBS wisely figured that out and already have Mooncake products available for pre-order. You can get a Mooncake pin, patch, poster or your very Mooncake plush. Now you can be like Gary and have an adorable sidekick for all your out of this world adventures.

Watch the official trailer:

Be sure to watch ‘Final Space’ when it premieres on Monday, February 26th at 10:30 pm. PT/ET on TBS.

Rated: TV-14 (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14)

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  1. I love TBS programs. This show seems cool for adults that are into Sci-fi and animation. Since I have littles I’m constantly on the Disney channel lol.

  2. This isn’t the kind of thing that I watch, but my husband loves this kind of stuff so I will recommend it to him.

  3. Geez I haven’t watch animated tv series for a while, and I think I need to catch-up. Thanks for sharing your review, this one looks fun to watch.

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