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Review: The Day I Killed James by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Hyde delivers a heartfelt tale of love and heartbreak that truly captures your heart!

Theresa invites her next door neighbor James on a one time party date to make her boyfriend jealous. While Theresa’s plan worked in making the boyfriend jealous, it backfired in hurting James in the process. Theresa becomes guilty when she finds out how bad she hurt James. She flees her old life by changing her name, shaving her head and moving where no one knows her. Reality soon sets in with meeting a young girl similar to herself and she realizes that she can’t runaway any longer.

The Day I Killed James is a powerful story that from cover to cover is amazing. It will take you through a world wind of emotions. Catherine Ryan Hyde is an exceptional writer, from the intense plot to the insightful journal entries, The Day I Killed James is a story once read will not soon be forgotten.

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Written by Tempestt Patterson

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