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Review: Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Despite all the dark elements, Ghostgirl can’t help but shine!

Charlotte Usher saw her new year as a new beginning. This was the year she going to finally get noticed. Things seemed to be going her way when she gets the attention of the most popular guy in school, Damen and gets assigned to be his lab partner. Sadly for Charlotte her plan goes completely wrong when she chokes on a gummy bear and dies. Charlotte now has more than her popularity to worry about.

>I absolutely love the book design of Ghostgirl. It really stands out among other books. It’s taller and more narrow than most books and it’s interior features flowers on the top and bottom borders of each page. This book looks amazing but I am not just judging the book by it’s cover here, once you get past the cover, you find out the contents of the book is what truly makes it stand out.

Ghostgirl is unlike any book I’ve ever read. Looking through the eyes of Charlotte as a dead teen was refreshingly different. Scarlett and Charlotte are both witty and relatable and you can’t help but enjoy the antics of the Dead ED class. With an unpredictable plot and characters so full of character, Ghostgirl is a great read and I am just dying to read more.

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  1. hehehe – dying to read more! I also love the book design. I would have bought it just for that, but I had no money that day. But yeah, this is one to get in hardcover.

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